Bioversal Extinguisher

Bioresal Extinguisher

Biworsal Extinguisher is a unique extinguisher with state-of-the-art technology for extinguishing large fires with the ability to control fire in three-dimensional space.

Biovarsal is formulated as a concentrate liquid and diluted with water, so it has a wide range of operational capabilities.

Biorsal is environmentally friendly, non-destructive to humans and preserves the habitat of plants, animals and microorganisms living in nature and prevents any corrosion and damage to facilities and equipment.

Biovarsal, with the ability to enclose hydrocarbons, controls the fire in such a way that it will not be possible to re-ignite any extinguished area during and after the operation.

Bioresal extinguisher prevents dangerous drafts of back draft and flash over by neutralizing unburned gases in large fires and ensures the safety and health of firefighters.

For more information on Biovarsal, see What Biovarsal is.

The reason for the bioavailability of fire extinguishers

Biovarsal extinguisher has a positive, strong and simultaneous effect on all four aspects of effective and productive fire.

۱- Oxygen: Bioresal with the help of its detergents creates a layer of non-toxic foam on the fire that prevents the exchange of oxygen with combustible materials.

حر – Heat: Biovarsal with the help of active ingredients on its surface reduces the surface tension of water and causes permeability and increases the cooling property of water and reduces the temperature of fire quickly.

۲. Fuel: Bioresil enclosures encapsulate fuel surface molecules in such a way that they lose their evaporation and fuel properties and are not flammable again.

۴- Fire chain: Biovarsal, by enclosing and absorbing the emitted and unburned gases, cuts the fire chain and prevents any explosion.

کپسول بیوورسال
کپسول آتشنشانی بیوورسال bioversal

Bioresal applications

Extinguish all fires

Biovarsal All fires made of different materials such as petroleum materials, solids (wood and rubber), gas-fired fires, electricity-fired fires, edible oils, flammable metals, fires of special materials such as phosphorus, white phosphorus red and .. .. extinguishes.


Biorsal materials are environmentally friendly, non-destructive to humans, facilities and equipment, as well as protecting the habitats of plants, animals and microorganisms living in nature.

Easy to use

Immediate impact and bivorsal extinguishing power make it easier for users to use in case of fire.


Fire departments, refineries and petrochemicals, power plants, commercial and office centers, residential complexes, hospitals and medical centers, schools and training centers, military and law enforcement forces, rescue, vehicles, libraries and museums, etc. ..

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